Testimonials – Software Development Work

“When I am presented with having to deliver a new project, I have absolutely no reservations about requesting Nick to lead the team and often find myself asking him for advice with other projects he is not involved with. Nick’s ability to suggest approaches and technologies, his accurate estimation and in depth experience with entire software development life cycle make it an easy choice for me. 

One of the main problems I find with being responsible for managing an entire portfolio of work at ISS Group is finding trustworthy, experienced people with working knowledge of the latest techniques, from technical and process oriented aspects, to lead the discrete projects of work. I have found I am able to engage Nick and know that I will get regular progress updates as well as meaningful solutions to issues not just handed problems. Furthermore Nick has demonstrated his ability to engage with my clients directly and continue to lead a team productively in my absence. 

Knowing that I can confidently trust Nick to Lead a team to produce quality software from an idea through to delivery to the client allows me to comfortably recommend him to others who may be in need of someone of his calibre.”

Russell Humphreys, Delivery Manager, ISS Group, Perth Western Australia

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“Nick is a highly skilled, experienced .Net developer whom I had the pleasure of working with on a number of projects at ISS Group. I enjoyed working with Nick and I always found him approachable, happy to share knowledge, suggest improvements and mentor colleagues. Nick had great ideas and improved existing processes and solution architectures used at ISS. I have no doubt that Nick would be an extremely valuable member of any development team and his contribution will help ensure high quality solutions and processes”

Stephen Baldry, Developer, ISS Group, Perth Western Auastralia

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“Nick is a highly skilled .Net developer whom I have had the pleasure of hiring on a number of occasions. His work ethic and skills make him an invaluable member of the team and he provided us with a solution which was on time, on budget and robust. I would definitely hire him again.”

Antony Day, Team Leader Application Development, CBH Group, Perth, Western Australia

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“We discovered and hired Nick whilst he was living in W.A. and were happy to wait for him to relocate to Sydney since his broad background combined with his technical aptitude during competency testing and professionalism during phone interviews made him our top candidate. 

During his tenure at Towers Perrin, Nick stepped up to provide technical direction in a number of complex areas. His ethic on SOLID design principles and testing ethos were a valuable contribution to the team.”

Craig Hunter, Development Team Lead, Towers Perrin, Sydney NSW

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“Nick is a superb guru especially in designing and project architecture. I’ve enjoyed my time working with Nick and he was always available to share knowledge and help people to overcome technical difficulty. Nick is a real asset for every employer.”

Martin Nazari, Senior Developer, Towers Perrin, Sydney NSW