Agile Assessments

What we offer

About Agile has a great tool to start your Agile Journey with or to find out where you are on the journey that you’ve already started.  The tool is not surprisingly called the Agile Journey Index, for which About Agile have been accredited by the creators – Agile Dimensions – to be able to assess organisations on their level of Agility.

The Agile Journey Index provides a path forward to start or continue your agile journey.  An assessment typically consists of the following steps:

1. A one to two hour interview with your key team members whereby questions from the Agile Journey Index are asked by a qualified Agile Coach.

2. Preparation of a report that presents your score on the index and areas of improvement.  We will most likely be in contact with you during this time to ask for further detail.

3. Delivery of the report via email for you to review prior to,

4. A concluding meeting that presents the findings and suggestions for improvement.  This would last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

What does it Cost?

The initial assessment is $1399 exc GST.  Subsequent assessments are charged at $699 exc GST.   A small investment for a start in delivering better quality and happier customers.  When combined with a coaching/transformation engagement the fee for the assessment is waived.

More Details

Want to know more about the assessment.  We have more details here.  You can also read what agile expert Robert Galen has to say on the assessment here as well.

Request an Assessment

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